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Emma Finds Her Way Chloe Shakespeare

Emma Finds Her Way

Chloe Shakespeare

Kindle Edition
70 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

On reaching her thirties Emma could look back on the journey she had made and thank her lucky stars for having Rachel in her life. Without her, Emma may not have made it much beyond her nineteenth birthday.As a happy teenager looking forward to going to university, no one could have foreseen how her life was to be turned upside down by people so close to her. Sadly, like many other young women, she became the victim of one man’s uncontrollable sexual desires and was then left alone to cope with the consequences.This story describes the devastating effects on a young woman of a teenage pregnancy, miscarriage and subsequent rejection by those around her. It illustrates the way in which some men dominate those women near to them, often using and abusing them for their own gratification without ever being held to account for the things they do.In her final year at school Emma and her boyfriend Kevin began to taste the pleasures of sex but wanted to hold back from going all the way. Emma wanted to remain a virgin until she felt the time was right but that was not to be, for in the summer of ’84 and very much against her will her virginity was cruelly taken from her. That single short-lived moment triggered a sequence of events that almost destroyed Emma.She lost all hope and saw no way out of the depths she found herself in. Fortunately, her life-long friend Rachel recognized her desperate plight and supported her as she tried to tackle her demons. But, for Emma to move on, she needed closure on the events of the past and it took the sudden death of her mother and Rachel by her side to achieve that. Together, they found a way forward.