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Is My Cup Empty? Sherri G Smith

Is My Cup Empty?

Sherri G Smith

Published December 2nd 2014
ISBN : 9781620869208
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 About the Book 

Okay, parents, how many times a day do you hear (or, perhaps, say or think) such phrases? My kids least favorite Christmas song includes the statement, And Mom and Dad can hardly wait for school to start again! Days on end of hearing complaints can drive parents to such thoughts, however. What we need is a way to reprogram some of those statements of feeling that sound so much like complaining and can become wearing on the listener, but how do we do that?Is My Cup Empty? by Sherri Graves Smith is a well-illustrated book that offers a few optimistic solutions to common issues children (and, yes sometimes us parents) face. Empty plates can be filled with good foods. Empty days can be filled with fun. Empty piggy banks can be filled with money earned, and so on.So often, it seems that parents are made to feel like they must make sure that they have provided everything that their children think they need to enjoy life. Is My Cup Empty? shifts some of that responsibility to the child, which is truly refreshing to see! Suggestions for how a child might spend their time, rather than complaining of boredom, are given throughout the book. Children are encouraged to stop feeling sorry for themselves and help or share with someone else, and all suggestions are given in a positive and empowering manner.As much as we parents desire and work hard to give our children an enjoyable life, much of the success of our efforts depends upon the attitude of the child. Sherri Graves Smith does a wonderful job of coming along side parents in the adventure of raising up the next generation by encouraging them that, Many things may seem empty as you live this life. But the way you fill them turns darkness to light.I must say that I do not agree that every childrens book has to be written in a sing-song rhythm, and I could have done without it here, but the positive message and great illustrations in Is My Cup Empty? make it a great addition to every childs collection.